Why BGC Kids Love to Eat Vegetables

This week, I was walking through the Steamboat Boys & Girls Club garden with a group of kids when I heard what most parents wish their children would ask. “Can I have a lettuce snack?” The kids eagerly pinched [...]

Why BGC Kids Love to Eat Vegetables2024-06-17T09:51:18-06:00

Are Club Kids Headed for the Summer Slide?

Remember how gleeful you felt on the last day of school? Even kids who love the classroom and its comforting routines get excited about the freedoms that summer typically brings. But the “Summer Slide” is no myth, and kids [...]

Are Club Kids Headed for the Summer Slide?2024-05-23T11:29:49-06:00

Our New Website Has Arrived!

A new school year has begun, and we thought that would be the perfect time to redecorate our home on the web. We couldn’t be more pleased with this beautiful creation thanks in part to Justin at Strategic Design Associates [...]

Our New Website Has Arrived!2017-03-30T16:50:29-06:00
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