In Northwest Colorado we select one Youth of the Year from a pool of nominees to represent the success of the club aligning with our mission.  We are looking for a club member who is realizing their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens with the help of the BGCNWC.  This year honored 4 outstanding Youth of the Year nominees.  You can watch the event and their speeches on the link below.  

All four nominees received $6000 scholarship and the winner $120000.  Macie Lahay this years Youth of the Year winner will go on to represent the Club at the state Youth of the Year Event.  Due to the generosity of The Steamboat Group Real Estate we have a $5,000 match challenge and the opportunity to make all of their educational dreams come true.  

For information regarding the 2023 event please email or call, Kelly Landers 970-871-3162


Steamboat Springs High School Senior
Joined Club: 2nd Grade
A lot of my friends today I made when I was in 2nd grade and first came to the Club.  My favorite thing at the Club when I was young was homework time because it allowed me to have more free time at home. Working at the Club is great.  I admire Kristen and Liz as they make the staff feel at home and have created a friendly work environment.  After working at the Club with the kids I usually leave with more energy than when I started.  I plan to study something in the STEM fields, whatever I choose, I want to be an expert in it.


Goal Academy Sophomore
Joined Club: Kindergarten
I first came to the Club when I was 6.  My favorite Club experience was being a junior Youth of the Year in 5th grade.  These past Youth of the Years inspired me to tell my story and perhaps help other kids that are struggling see that it is okay.  The staff at the Club has always been there for me.  Last year I had very low grades, the staff gave me the confidence to switch to Goal Academy and last semester I had a 4.0.  In the future I do not know exactly what I want to do but I know I want to work with children.


Steamboat Springs High School Senior
Joined Club: Kindergarten
AThe best part of working at the Club is when you walk in, all the kids run to you.  It is so fun because for many of them school is boring but the Club is fun. We as staff get to make sure they have fun.  I decided to do the Youth of the Year program because I am passionate about my job at the Club.  I want to educate the community about what we do.  How we, as staff, create memories for kids and help them have an enjoyable childhood.  In the future I plan to be a psychologist and work in counseling..


Steamboat Springs High School Senior
Joined Club: 9th Grade
2023 Winner
Everyone at the Club is super supportive, if you have a bad day you can talk to anyone, it makes me happy coming to the Club.  I did Youth of the Year last year and for me it was a huge accomplishment.  I was so nervous but it was the best experience.  The Club has helped me overcome my shyness, find confidence and I can now say I am comfortable with being myself.  I really love the Boys & Girls Club.  Next year I plan to pursue a career in pediatric nursing.

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