Summer at the Boys & Girls Clubs

Summer Camps Registration

The Boys & Girls Clubs provides a safe, positive place for the kids in the Steamboat and Craig communities. Our Clubs have full time, part time, and junior staff youth development professionals, who mentor, teach and play with the youth we serve.

Summer Camp FAQs:

  • Registration will open at 6am on April 1

  • Our annual membership is $25 per child

  • Cost is per week and varies per Club and per week

  • Scholarships are available.  For more information contact: Craig Club Director Tanya Ferguson tferguson@bgcnwc.orgor Steamboat Club Director Kristen Weese or stop by the front desks.

  • Operating hours are 7:30am – 6pm

  • Children must be 6  years old on their first day of camp.  The lower Clubs are for children aged 6 -5th grade.  Teen Center vs. Club is based on the grade the child is entering the 2022/23 school year.

  • Steamboat and Craig Teen Programs are available for children entering 6th grade and higher.

  • You must register in advance, walk ins are not permitted.

  • Children do not need to attend everyday of the week, however you must pay and register for the week.  Please alert staff if your child will not be at camp on a given day.

  • Scroll to bottom to see cancelation policy and refund policy.

  • Clubs Closed July 1, July 4, July 5

  • Summer Camp programs include snack time, organized youth development programs, fun games and outdoor activities in a safe and positive environment with trusted adults.

  • Program examples: character building, financial literacy, internet safety, bully prevention, mentoring, drug and alcohol prevention, leadership activities, volunteering, rec room tournaments, guided arts & crafts, gym programs and so much more.

Craig Club – Summer Adventures

June 6 – June 10, $60 per week-Summer Adventure– Kick off summer!  All things summer; camping, swimming, hiking, biking and more

June 13 – June 17, $60 per week-Carnival Week– Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!  What exciting things the Club has in store for you this week.  Silly carnival games, thrill seeking adventures and some magic.

June 20 – June 24, $60 per week-BGC Olympics– Along with BGC Healthy Kids Program we will get the kiddos out and actives as well as making up our own Olympic games and sports.  A special guest Olympian will swing by to talk about their journey and what it takes to go for the Gold.

June 27 – June 30, $48 per week,-Camping– Explore the great outdoors, sing campfire songs, hear ghost stories, play silly camp games.  Learn to make solar ovens, identify animal tracks, set up a tent and maybe catch a fish or two.

July 6 – July 8, $35 per week-All About Water-From swimming, to drinking, to restoring our water in Moffat County for future generations.  How can we have fun in it now but keep it safe for our community?

July 11 – July 15, $60 per week-Environment– Travel around the globe and in our own backyard to discover the environments around us, what we can do to help, how do we keep our planet healthy and safe, what can we do for our local Moffat County Environment.

July 18 – July 22, $60 per week- My Community-Explore what makes our town work, meet the men and women who keep our streets paved, water clean, parks open and all of us safe in our neighborhoods.

July 25 – July 29, $60 per week-Time Travel Week-Explore different times in history and look into the future.  Dinosaurs, Kings/Castles, Wild Frontiers, 50/60/70’s, and the future. Learn about Moffat County in past and what it might look like in the future.

August 1 – August 5, $60 per week-Wild West/Fair Week-Wrangle up some fun at the BGC, rodeos, trips to Moffat County Fair and Fair Projects.  Learn to make butter, biscuits and jelly and a no electronics day!

August 8 – August 12, $60 per week-Best of the BGC-repeat of all the activities, crafts, STEAM or gym games the kiddos loved this summer.  BGC Got Talent, all Club water fight and much more.

Steamboat Club – Summer Adventures

June 13 – June 17, $70 per week-A Taste of Colorado-What is Colorado known for?  This week the BGC will scout out facts and happenings in our local area, with field trips to get us more informed.

June 20 – June 24, $70 per week-Sunny Summer Shenanigans-A week of different experiences; anything from rope swings to tie-dyeing to cookies to hiking with scavenger hunts.  The ideas are endless, come explore with us.

June 27 – June 30, $56 per week-Under the Stars-Party in the USA at the BGC.  Glow in the dark play, marshmallow architecture, hula hoop lessons are just some of the activities happening this week  Not to mention all the red, white and blue crafts to get ready for the 4th.

July 6 – July 8, $42 per week-Animal Planet-Let’s see what kind of animals we can see in Steamboat.  Each of the three days we will learn about a different animal native to Colorado.

July 11 – July 15, $70 per week-Leave it on the Field-Bike rides, bike ramps, flag football, soccer and inner club competitions will be some of the highlights happening this week.  What other sports will be played?  Come find out.

July 18 – July 22, $70 per week-It’s A Small World-Step right up! Come do face painting, balloon activities, funny photos, karaoke and tight rope walking all week long.  Plus a whole lot more.

July 25 – July 29, $70 per week-Goonies Adventure-What is summer without shade and cooling off in the water?  This week was created with all kids in mind to enjoy summer to the fullest in the great outdoors.

August 1 – August 5, $70 per week-Over the Rainbow-It is a week of color explosion!  The Studio might never be the same after this week.  Games of twister, rainbow foods and making colorful items.  Our STEAM projects will be heavy this week.

August 8 – August 12, $70 per week-The Last Dance-We will be repeating activities the kids enjoyed the most this summer.  And we will end with an End of Summer Party!  Hot dogs, watermelon and more summer favorites.  The traditional game of pie your staff in the face will take place and other fun ones.

Cancellation Policy 

If you cancel your registration 7 days prior to the start of the program, we will provide you a full refund. If a refund is to be issued, we will send you a paper check to your address on file. This will be processed within 7 business days.

Any cancellation less than 7 days before the start of your program, is not eligible for a refund. In addition, there is no rescheduling option available.

Policy Exception

Exceptions to the Cancellation policy include documented medical conditions or injuries, as well as medical emergencies. For an exception to be considered, BGCNWC must receive a call with an explanation of the event justifying the requested exception to the policy. That call must be received no later than 24 hours after the start of camp, for requested exceptions as a result of medical emergencies.

Summer Camps Registration