When you come to work at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Colorado, you’ll work with a multitude and diverse group of youth. Be prepared to be surrounded by staff members that are passionate about serving these youths and enjoy the opportunity to positively impact many young lives.

As staff you will contribute to the children having a good day and knowing that even the seemingly minor tasks contribute to the kids reaching their full potential. Remembering the “why” behind the work is what keeps our staff coming back to work each week.

Join the team by filling out the teen or adult application form and the background check form below. Once complete, we will review your application and get back to you shortly with further instructions.

Youth Development Specialist/Adult Application

Interested in working at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Colorado?

Help us create a place for all kids to BE GREAT.  Assist full time staff with STEAM, arts and craft, gym games, healthy life habits and more.  Mentor children ages 6 – 10 to help them be their best selves.  All positions pay $18 – $23 per hour, full time available in the summer.  During the school year, shifts range from 2:30pm – 6pm and all day on school days off. Please fill out and submit the following application. The Background Check form found below must be completed also to be considered for employment.

Jr. Staff Application Ages 15-18

Interested in working at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Colorado?

Position pays $14 – 18 per hour depending on qualifications + end of summer bonus.  After school hours from 2:30/3:30pm-6:00pm, school days off and summer 7:00am-6:00pm, flexible schedules are offered and closed on weekends. Shifts range from 2.5 hours to 4 hours on after school days and 4 to 8 hours on school days off and summer days. Must be 15 years or older to apply. High school staff at the BGC also receive help with building positive work ethics, customer service skills, life skills, college prep, career planning etc.

Background Check Form

Background Verification and Authorization

Only Human Resources sees this information-it is not available to hiring supervisors or others in the organization. If you are not selected for the position this form is shredded and not retained in our files. *Information is required for identification purposes only and is in no manner used as qualifications for employment.