20140422_134630A new school year has begun, and we thought that would be the perfect time to redecorate our home on the web. We couldn’t be more pleased with this beautiful creation thanks in part to Justin at Strategic Design Associates located in the heart of Steamboat Springs. Not only  is our new home beautiful, it is easy to navigate and full of helpful updates, insights, and necessary information for our members and their families. Plus, our members are just about the best looking kids on the web; their smiling faces add so much joy the site.

 How to Give Back to the Boys and Girls Club

 In addition to beautiful children and useful information, our new donation button makes giving to the club easier than ever. With our secure web portal, you can either give a one time donation via paypal or set up monthly payments through our Epay system. Both features are located under the Donate tab. Volunteering is another way to give of yourself to the youth in our community. We welcome you to come and share your time and talents with our members. For more information, please visit our Volunteer page for a list of suggested ways to contribute.


Monthly Newsletter

Located at the bottom of our website, you will find a simple form where you can sign up to receive our Newsletter. Each month, we will be highlighting club events, member and staff picks for the month, useful parenting information, and ways to stay engaged with the Club. This month, we are highlighting our 2015 Youth of the Year, Madi. Madi has been a club member for several years, and we are happy to have her on board as a staff member since graduating this past Spring. For more information about the Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s Youth of Year, please visit their website. Read more about Madi and her journey in this month’s Club News.


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