Tricks or Treats in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat HalloweenIf you are new to the Yampa Valley, or if you have never ventured to Downtown Steamboat on Halloween night, this year we highly recommend bringing the kids out to Lincoln Street for a night full of fun. From fire breathing dragons to patrons on horseback, and a kid friendly haunted house, Trick or Treating on Lincoln Street in Steamboat is an exceptional experience for all ages. With the street closed to all motor vehicle traffic, children are able to safely run wild, collecting candy from shops and stops all over town. Older children can be seen lining the counters at Lyon’s Drugstore and Johnny B. Good’s Diner; it is a scene that evokes nostalgia inherent to days long since gone. I love this event because it isn’t solely centered on children. All of the community turns out in style as teachers, business owners, professional athletes, and even moms, dads, and grandparents get into the spirit of the night by dressing up.  Children get a real communal experience and thoroughly enjoy watching, greeting, and interacting with kid in all of us.

 Parade of Pumpkins!

Easy-Mini-Pumpkin-Cinnamon-Rolls-14October is no longer a month full of waiting until we can have a sweet treat. Pumpkin Spice flavored cakes, coffees, cereals, pies, and even candles have become the staple of our shopping list as we all embrace and anticipate the changing season that leads us into the year’s end. This October, why not try a simple recipe with you favorite people?  Children love spending time with someone special in the kitchen. In moments like these, cooking becomes a catalyst for conversation. Our hands are busy mixing ingredients and free from electronic devices. These quick and delicious recipes will inspire cooks young and old alike, and the experience will live on in the hearts and minds of your children. Try on a new tradition today.

Click Here to view a Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Recipe!


 What’s Hot in Costumes for 2015?

MinionsThanks to the success of their latest film, The Minion Movie, Minions will be taking over this Halloween. The Boys and Girls Club of Steamboat Springs has its own Minion obsessed employee. Our very own Colleen O’Gorman is known around the club for her Minion Mad-Love. So I thought that some of our members would appreciate this tutorial. Chances are there are a few parents out there scratching their heads over a child’s request to be a minion. Lucky for you, I have found an easy do-it-yourself costume project for the adventurous parents out there who are ready to help their own little minions look amazing on October 31st. While this project is a little bit involved, it certainly isn’t difficult, and the “Harvard Homemaker” gives detailed, visual how-to that even the least crafty among us can pull this costume creation off in an afternoon.


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