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Spring is Springing!

Spring has come to Northwest, Colorado! Finally…

With Spring in the air, we thought it was a perfect time to pull out our dusty spades and forgotten garden gloves and prepare for a few fun months of growing stuff. Gardening with children is not only enjoyable, it is an experience that connects them to their world in a way that nothing else can. They become stewards of the land one small pot or planting bed at a time. In a climate like ours, one of the best ways to garden is to use a container for your plants. I have used the square foot gardening method for years. I find that it keeps the complexity of the task to a minimum and rewards maximum fun for minimal effort.

Square FootAs we mentioned in our April newsletter, “Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew is a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking to garden efficiently. With a busy work schedule, family schedule, and activities, most parents don’t have the time or resources to delve into a summer garden. Mel’s book cuts down on all of the maintenance once the beds have been established.

Here in the Yampa Valley, it can be difficult to grow warm weather veggies like tomatoes and peppers, but leafy greens and beans just love this climate. Everything from kale to spinach and squash can easily be grown during the summer months. Some people choose to start their seedlings indoors during the month of May so that they can easily be transplanted in June. Spinach and lettuces work best by directly seeding them into the garden, but leafy veggies like the cool weather, so you should feel fairly safe planting them just before the end of May.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Ask anyone who has been gardening for years and they will happily recount all of their failures. That is part of the fun. The trial and error of growing food helps all of us both big and small appreciate and understand how difficult it can be to grow our own food. You will come away with a renewed sense of appreciation for our farming communities. Their dedication to craft allows us the freedom to pursue other careers, while knowing that our food supply is in good hands.




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A New Horizon Ahead

Every day, like every new year, presents us with a horizon. A line of singularity that stretches into spaces we cannot see. With the passage of time the invisible becomes visible and then a memory. Looking ahead to the new year, I am reminded of all that was unknown just 12 months ago, and I wonder how this year’s unknowns will unfold in the coming year. As parent’s, we seek for stretches of time that may go unplagued by sickness, setbacks, or heartbreak, wanting only life’s pleasantries to last a bit longer. It is natural to want to shield our children from the ugliness of the everyday world, to wish that bright eyes would only ever open to see the light and love, the beauty and brilliance of this planet we call home.

However, research is showing us that perhaps we are going too far in our quest against the quagmires of the world. What our children really need is to develop “grit.” Even greater than a heightened IQ or athletically superior DNA, “Grit” (or the ability to weather the storm and still come out swinging) is the most valuable skill human beings have developed in the race to the top of the food chain.

This specific trait is something we at the Clubs work diligently to instill in members. Our Leaders in Training, Torch Club, and Youth of the Month programming is designed to help children empower themselves and inspire others to make positive choices even when they aren’t the easy choices.

Famed Social Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth shares her findings on success in this one of kind TED talk. Enjoy it with a stout cup of black coffee the way an old rancher might. Channel your inner grit, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and thank the people in your life who didn’t “Make your paths straight.” They may have been the best guides to your life yet.


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Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart



mid-15c., “good will,” from Middle French gratitude (15c.) or directly from Medieval Latin gratitudinem (nominative gratitudo) “thankfulness,” from Latin gratus “thankful, pleasing.” Meaning “thankfulness” is from 1560s. *

We live in an age where the art of practicing gratitude is too often overlooked or treated as an afterthought. As parents, educGratitude Jarators, and counselors we are constantly striving to help our children become more grateful for all that they have and focus less on what they do not. A great exercise to do with our kids is the filling of a “Gratitude Jar.” Following a fat Thanksgiving feast seems like the perfect time to introduce this fun and fulfilling project to your family. Simply grab a few Mason jars while you are grabbing the fixings for your festivities. Label the jar and ask family members to write down one thing they are thankful for and place the paper inside the jar. Additions to the jars can be added at will, but in an effort to stay on track, I suggest picking one meal every week where kids are encouraged to add to the jar after reflecting on their week. Save all your gratitude for one year, and enjoy the yearly reveal after next year’s Thanksgiving feast. This simple project is sure to bring back all sorts of memories both hilarious and heartbreaking, and they will help your family reflect and rejoice in the magic of family communion.


Be Grateful to Simply Be.

We are all thankful for the opportunity to shape the next generation, but too often we anguish over every little detail. This timely TED talk from Jennifer Senior urges us to worry less about making our children happy and focus on helping them grow. We won’t always be happy, but we can always be grateful. Finding ways to be thankful and kind in the midst of frustration is a skill that will help all of us enjoy our time with each other. Perhaps you agree with Jennifer, perhaps you don’t. Either way, we would love to hear your comments about the pursuit of parenting.

We Are Thankful For Each Other

NovemAnnual Campaign Newsletterber is the kick off for our Annual Campaign. This is the point in the year when we actively ask those in our community to help support the Clubs. Only 15% of our budget is met by Membership Dues and Fees. That is because we strive to keep our programming costs low for families. This means we rely on donations for the additional 85% of funds needed to operate throughout the year. You can donate through our website or donate on December 8th during Colorado Gives Day. Just visit The Yampa Valley Gives Website and select the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northwest, CO. Give Where You Live this Holiday season!

To everyone who has given their time, talents, and resources to the Clubs this year, we say Thank You! And we ask that you will continue to partner with us in 2016.


Mind. Body. Soul.

We are the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northwest, Colorado


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Halloween in the Yampa Valley: Traditions and Fixins

Tricks or Treats in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat HalloweenIf you are new to the Yampa Valley, or if you have never ventured to Downtown Steamboat on Halloween night, this year we highly recommend bringing the kids out to Lincoln Street for a night full of fun. From fire breathing dragons to patrons on horseback, and a kid friendly haunted house, Trick or Treating on Lincoln Street in Steamboat is an exceptional experience for all ages. With the street closed to all motor vehicle traffic, children are able to safely run wild, collecting candy from shops and stops all over town. Older children can be seen lining the counters at Lyon’s Drugstore and Johnny B. Good’s Diner; it is a scene that evokes nostalgia inherent to days long since gone. I love this event because it isn’t solely centered on children. All of the community turns out in style as teachers, business owners, professional athletes, and even moms, dads, and grandparents get into the spirit of the night by dressing up.  Children get a real communal experience and thoroughly enjoy watching, greeting, and interacting with kid in all of us.


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Our New Website Has Arrived!

20140422_134630A new school year has begun, and we thought that would be the perfect time to redecorate our home on the web. We couldn’t be more pleased with this beautiful creation thanks in part to Justin at Strategic Design Associates located in the heart of Steamboat Springs. Not only  is our new home beautiful, it is easy to navigate and full of helpful updates, insights, and necessary information for our members and their families. Plus, our members are just about the best looking kids on the web; their smiling faces add so much joy the site.


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